Each sneaker has a story that is worth being told. Your sneaker shelf is full of stories. But they have to be opened first so you can tell their stories. We give your grails, beaters, and treasuries the box that they deserve. The idea for our boxes arose from our year-long passion to collect. Camping in front of a shop, the long quest for the grail, and the emotions after a long search and finally holding your sneakers in your hands – that makes the magic. It’s true, at the end of the day your darlings won’t get dusty in their old boxes. But they are also hidden from your look in these dark boxes. We wanted to enjoy those stories every day. And we wanted to give our sneakers a box in order to keep them alive for a long time.

With Soleview sneaker boxes you can relish and look at your favorites every day. And you also offer them the protection they require. 3mm strong, crystal-clear acrylic glass and manually glaze-polished edges create the perfect home for your shoes. The boxes get their final touch with our logo printed in silk screen process printing. This will even convince the most skeptical sneaker head obsessed with detail. As with a good pair of shoes, we attach high importance to workmanship. That’s why our sneaker boxes are handcrafted in Germany – to provide the best quality and life period. Give your sneakers what they deserve and present your collection as you have never done before. #soleview


Handmade box with removable lid to open and close the box.

Handmade box with pull-out front drawer.



Soleview offers you just the best for your grails. We don’t content ourselves with sweatshop products from the Far East. Our boxes are made by hand in Germany. And they are convincing in their passion for detail. No residual glue, DS guaranteed, condition 10/10. You can count on #soleview